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Call Of Duty: MW3 Zombies TranZit remaster found by dataminers

Call Of Duty: MW3 Zombies TranZit remaster found by dataminers

Dataminers have located files in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's beta suggesting a possible return of TranZit in 2024.

We’re on the final approach. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set to land on 10 November, and if the latest leak is to be believed, the franchise could be bringing back TranZit.

It’s already a busy time in the Call of Duty calendar. That’s now only been exacerbated seeing as Microsoft finally closed the Activision Blizzard deal last week. This means that Xbox owner Microsoft, now also owns Call of Duty, Spyro, and Crash amongst others. Yes, it’s weird that Crash Bandicoot - once a PlayStation icon - could theoretically now become an Xbox exclusive. We know that Call of Duty isn’t set to become an Xbox exclusive for at least a decade. All platform players will soon be diving into MWIII which features an even more disturbing take on the famous ‘No Russian’ mission and the comeback of Zombies. We could also see TranZit return soon.

Take a look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s Zombies mode in action below.

As reported by GGRecon, TranZit - one of the best Zombies maps ever created - could be set to return in a future CoD release. If you’ve forgotten TranZit (How could you?), the map essentially featured a bus that would transport you around. If you’ve been saying for years, “I wish they’d bring it back,” you might be in luck.

Datamining group Task Force Leakers Network located files relating to the Jet Gun during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III beta. If you’ve played TranZit, you’ll know that the Jet Gun has only ever been found in TranZit seeing as you need parts from the Green Run to build it. Despite the files appearing in the MWIII beta, it’s not yet been ascertained whether TranZit is planned for this release or Call of Duty 2024. Dataminers believe the Jet Gun is more likely to be a part of CoD 2024’s weapons line-up.

As such, fans are convinced that Chronicles 2 is happening. “For a TranZit remake and Zombies Chronicles too, I’d pay $100,” wrote one fan, while another added, “The GOAT returns.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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