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Call Of Duty fans split over Captain Price casting in rumoured movie

Call Of Duty fans split over Captain Price casting in rumoured movie

Fresh rumours claim that Henry Cavill will portray Captain Price in a Call of Duty film, and fans aren't impressed.

We’re living through the age of the video game adaptation. Sure, they’ve been happening for a good long while now but we truly are at the point where there isn’t a single IP that’s not being considered. Well, I’m sure there’s a couple that have been left out on the scrap heap.

It’s no surprise that adaptations are all the rage. You need look no further than the immense success of The Last of Us which has just had one billion minutes streamed in a single week. Wow. TV versions of God of War, Fallout, and Horizon Zero Dawn are all in the works, plus there’s the Ghost of Tsushima film. That’s just to name a few. Now, it looks like a Call of Duty film might also be on the way. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Speaking of The Last of Us, take a look at the promo for next week’s season finale, ‘Look for the Light,’ below.

As reported by GiantFreakinRobot, it’s rumoured that Henry Cavill could bring Captain Price to life. It certainly wouldn’t be the actor’s first foray into the video game world. Cavill did, of course, also portray Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher prior to his recent departure. Cavill’s final appearance in the third season is due to air later this year. He’s also out as Superman in the DCU so in truth, Cavill probably is looking for work.

The report claims that the Call of Duty film is in the works at Amazon Studios. It’s Amazon who are confirmed to be working on the God of War and Fallout series, so we know they have a keen interest in the video game space. A key part of the Modern Warfare series, Captain Price is the leader of Task Force 141.

Fans aren’t overly thrilled about the rumoured casting. Twitter user arsonstlullaby wrote, “Talking about hiring Henry Cavill when Barry Sloane is literally Captain John Price,” while mahberri3s added, “Wishing a peaceful slumber to everyone except those who thought Henry Cavill was a good fit for Captain Price. Y’all deserve a sleepless night.” I quite agree that Barry Sloane, who portrayed Price in the game, would be perfect in live-action too. This is all a rumour for now, so take with a generous pinch of salt.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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