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The 'Ghost Of Tsushima' Movie Just Took An Exciting Step Forward

The 'Ghost Of Tsushima' Movie Just Took An Exciting Step Forward

They had us by "directed by Chad Stahelski of 'John Wick' fame".

Movies based on video games have a bad wrap. Whether it’s the misguided Street Fighter movie featuring a distinctly Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme as all-American hero Guile, or the cobbled together plots of the Resident Evil movies - video game adaptations struggle to escape their bad reputations.

Lately, they’ve been making a bit of a comeback. The Uncharted film was a big commercial success for Sony, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has become one of the most successful video game movies to date. This has led fans to become hopeful of upcoming projects. 

If you want to hear Jim Carrey’s views on what would make an amazing Sonic movie sequel, you can see our interview with him in the video below.

When Sony announced in March 2021 that a Ghost Of Tsushima movie was in the works not long after the game’s release, people were obviously skeptical. However, with John Wick’s Chad Stahelski on board to direct, and several developers from Sucker Punch Productions assisting, it definitely piqued our interest.

Now as reported by Deadline, a writer has been tied to the film. Writer/ Director Takashi Doscher, who has written and directed two of his own films, Only and Still, will be writing the screenplay. His recent screenplay Blue, which is said to be a new take on Japanese kaiju films - think Godzilla - is also currently in development.

Ghost Of Tsushima recently surpassed 8 million sales worldwide which is a huge milestone in the world of video games. A sequel for the samurai action story is also all but officially confirmed, with several job listings appearing for a new Sucker Punch project. The job listings requested that applicants be familiar with Ghost Of Tsushima and many were focused on melee combat. 

Daisuke Tsuji who played protagonist Jin Sakai was nominated at both The Game Awards and the BAFTA Game Award for his performance. Sony, you really would be spoiling us if you asked him to reprise his role, but we’ll keep our hopes up anyway.

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

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