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Bully 2 plans confirmed in huge new GTA 6 leak

Bully 2 plans confirmed in huge new GTA 6 leak

Bully for you

Just when you thought things couldn't get any leakier for Rockstar Games, there's been yet another, massive leak filled with details on projects past, present, and future.

You'll no doubt remember last summer, when huge chunks of unfinished GTA VI gameplay made their way onto the internet. Nearly a year later, and one day before the official GTA VI trailer was set to launch, the whole thing was leaked online. And now, even more data that was obtained in the original 2022 leak has found its way online.

Images from the leak are currently doing the rounds on social media. While we won't be directly sharing any of the leaks, fans will no doubt be interested to learn Bully 2 is mentioned once again. While Rockstar Games has never spoken publicly about plans to release a sequel to the beloved Bully, we've all seen enough evidence at this point to strongly suggest it was in the works at some stage.

Previous rumours claim Bully 2 was cancelled so that Rockstar could focus on GTA VI, which is also the reason we got a Red Dead Redemption port instead of the full-on remake so many had hoped for. This is unconfirmed, however.

Bully 2 and Red Dead Redemption aren't the only projects to have fallen victim to the machine that is Grand Theft Auto, however. This new leak has details of multiple single-player DLC expansions for GTA V, expansions that were almost certainly cancelled in favour of supporting GTA Online.

Rockstar's full focus is on getting GTA VI out in 2025, of course, but we can't help but look to the future and hope Bully 2 will find a home one day. Or perhaps Rockstar is doomed to pivot between GTA and Red Dead Redemption for all eternity now, with no room for anything different.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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