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Brutal Steam WW2 shooter gets free download, available now

Brutal Steam WW2 shooter gets free download, available now

If you want a brutal WW2 shooter then Hell Let Loose has you covered

War, war never changes. Well, it at least doesn't change all that much in the video game industry, especially when it comes to the FPS genre.

The likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield are the go-to FPS for many gamers. However, if you like classic World War II games that offer gruelling difficulty, then look no further than Hell Let Loose developed by Cover 6 Studios and Expression Games. Unlike popular twitch shooters in the genre, if you attempt to go all guns blazing in Hell Let Loose, you will fail epically. Hell Let Loose is a game in which patience, strategy and teamwork are of the utmost importance.

Check out the Hell Let Loose patch 14.5 trailer below!

Published by indie supporter Team17, since its release in 2021, Hell Let Loose has been supported with a wealth of free content as well as quality-of-life improvements and the recent patch is no exception. Available right now courtesy of a free download, the new British Eighth Army and the German Africa Corps Forces have been added to the game. What’s more, the free download dubbed 'patch 14.5’, also brings new weapons, vehicles and uniforms. It even makes improvements to the existing maps.

“We’re so excited to see you on the frontlines in Patch 14.5! Battle on El Alamein requires you to adapt to new dynamics - dusk sees the map permeated with fog - paving the way for different approaches to becoming the victor. We hope you enjoy the new weapons and map updates!” said Greg Medlin, Community Manager at Hell Let Loose. “And a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our PTE; the feedback has been instrumental in helping us fine-tune this update. See you on the field.”

In terms of what’s been improved with the existing maps, the El Alamein (Egypt) will be set at dusk, while Driel (Netherlands) will now be set at night. To accompany the new British and German troops, the respective uniforms will be added including the British Eighth Army MK-II Helmet, DAK Helmet and DAK Field Cap.

The new weapons coming to Hell Let Loose with patch 14.5 are the M1928A1 Thompson, the SMLE No.1 Mk III (replacing the Pattern 1914) and a Bipod that has been added to the Bren. Finally, a new vehicle arrives with the Churchill Mk III Tank.

Hell Let Loose is available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. There will also be a free-to-play event for PC and Xbox from 30 November to 4 December, then for PlayStation from 20 December to 25 December.

Featured Image Credit: Team17

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