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Blade solo series teased by Marvel

Blade solo series teased by Marvel

His film may be stuck in developmental hell, but Blade is getting his own solo comic book series soon.

Blade is a beloved Marvel character, but it’s been a good long while since we received any new Blade media to enjoy. When it comes to film, the character last appeared on screen in 2004’s Blade: Trinity.

Well, we already know that a new Blade film is on the way with actor Mahershala Ali set to bring the title character to life. It’s been a rocky road for the film. Towards the end of last year, it was reported that director Bassam Tariq had excited the film due to ‘continued shifts’ on the production schedule. Insiders then added that Ali was frustrated with the lacklustre script which featured only two action sequences. A few months ago, the fantastic Mia Goth was added to the cast but we’ve also discovered in recent days that the film has been delayed from November 2023 to November 2024. It’s all a bit messy but in the meantime, a brand new solo Blade comic book series is on the way for us to enjoy.

Speaking of Marvel, Secret Invasion debuts on 21 June.

As reported by ComicBook, the new Blade series is set for release next month and will be written by writer Bryan Hill with illustrations by artist Elena Casagrande. The series will follow Blade as he unwittingly “unleashes a dark, ancient power”. Consider me positively intrigued.

In an interview with Polygon, Hill said, “Blade is a treasured character for me. Here, we have an opportunity to explore his history, reveal new aspects of his world and create a story that's brutal, sexy, and bold as it travels into the world of monsters and magic.”

“I think that the first goal of drawing a fight scene is to let it be powerful and fluid at the same time,” he continued. “I see fighting like dancing, so my first thought is always about choreography and then the movements that I need to make strong. Obviously every character needs a different choreography, a different way to fight - it's fun to personalise it - and with Blade, I'm happy to have the chance to use the swords and showcase his strength." Marvel adds that the series is accessible for new fans.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios, Warner Bros Pictures

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