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BioShock open-world trailer is blowing fans away

BioShock open-world trailer is blowing fans away

This BioShock open-world concept trailer set in Paris, France is absolutely blowing fans away.

This BioShock open-world concept trailer set in Paris, France is absolutely blowing fans away.

It’s quite hard to believe that the original BioShock developed by Irrational Games and led by Ken Levine released back in 2007, a good 16 years ago. BioShock is one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed first-person, narratively driven games there has ever been. On Metacritic, it had scored a whopping 96 earning the “Must Play” seal of approval.

BioShock was to spawn a sequel in 2010 and perhaps with it not being developed by Irrational Games, it seems that BioShock 2 wasn't looked upon as favourably. Which in my opinion, is a shame, because it’s a bloody good game.

Finally, Bioshock Infinite arrived in 2013 with Irrational Games returning to the helm once more and it was a resounding critical success. Though in my opinion, I prefer BioShock 2 over Infinite (come at me).

It’s now been ten years since we’ve had a new Bioshock game and a decade is certainly a long time to wait for a series that is cherished by so many. Luckily, we do know that a new BioShock game is on the way. However, BioShock 4 won't be developed by Irrational Games, now rebranded as Ghost Story Games, it’s working on its own Rapture-inspired title called Judas.

Instead, BioShock 4 is being developed by a new 2K Games studio that was formed in 2019 called Cloud Chamber, founded by Kelley Gilmore. Sadly at this time, we have no BioShock 4 release date.

While we wait on new BioShock 4 details, we can have a taste of what could be, thanks to video game concept artist TeaserPlay. The concept trailer, powered by Unreal Engine 5 looks absolutely gorgeous and features some of the best ray-tracing implementations that you’re ever going to see.

Sadly, there is no combat in the concept trailer and unfortunately, a Big Daddy doesn't make an appearance. Moreover, as with all projects from TeaserPlay, this BioShock concept isn't playable, though if the real thing looks as good as this, then we’re in for a treat.

Details on BioShock 4 are very vague at this time. That being said, if rumours are to be believed, the fourth mainline entry will be open-world and it could even be set in Antarctica.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay

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