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Next BioShock Is Set In Antarctica With A Female Hero, Claims Leaker

Next BioShock Is Set In Antarctica With A Female Hero, Claims Leaker

One leaker on Twitter has shared a huge thread of supposed information about the next BioShock game, and there's some interesting stuff.

It’s been a hot minute since the confirmation that a new BioShock game is in development - almost three years, to be exact. A lot of fans are calling the upcoming title BioShock 4, but truth be told, we don’t even know if that’s what it actually is. All we really know is that Cloud Chamber (founded and owned by 2K) is the studio working on it, and that fans are all very excited about it, thank you very much.

Cast your mind back to the most recent BioShock game with the trailer below.

However, there’s a whole plethora of leaks and rumours circulating about the title, some of which are very interesting. As reported by Gfinity, leaker @oopsleaks on Twitter has compiled a huge thread of everything they have supposedly heard about the new BioShock game. “Do not take most of this information at face value,” they warned. “I thought for a long time [about] whether it was worth sharing all of this at all[,] but a large number of people crave for at least some information from me."

They continued, "I have received confirmation that the game will be based in Antarctica. An open world with a main story that has multiple endings. Allegedly, the theme of aggregate states of water plays a huge role in the plot and lore which will be more extensively revealed through side quests.

“The [art style] and in-game graphic design is similar to Deathloop. It has 1960's The British Invasion and counterculture vibes, style is psychedelic and trippy (I guess the music too). Heard about a solid soundtrack and a female protagonist. Still don't know if [BioShock composer Garry] Schyman is back.”

Of course, until this is officially confirmed, do take it with a pinch of salt. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about the game supposedly being set in Antarctica, though - journalist Colin Moriarty claimed the same thing last year. We’ll just have to see if it ends up being true.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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