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Bella Ramsey teases The Last Of Us season 2 Ellie with her guitar skills

Bella Ramsey teases The Last Of Us season 2 Ellie with her guitar skills

Bella Ramsey has been stunning fans with her singing and guitar skills - viewers are excited to see her performances as Ellie in season two.

Season one of The Last of Us may have only just wrapped up, but fans are already looking ahead to the second season and beyond.

Although season two will begin to adapt The Last of Us Part II’s plot, the showrunners have confirmed that it’ll take multiple seasons to see the whole thing through. Considering how much longer the sequel is compared to the first game, that makes sense, although it makes you wonder how long it’s going to take for the show to catch up.

If you’ve not played The Last of Us games yet, Part I (as in, the shiny remake of the first instalment) is coming to PC on 28 March. Take a look at the trailer below.

We already know that Bella Ramsey will be reprising their role as Ellie in season two, and as Kotaku reports, some fans are now realising just how prepared the actor is to portray the older version of the character. Viewers have discovered Ramsey’s old YouTube channel, United Hope, which she has described as “a channel of encouragement, hope and the light of Jesus”.

Although Ramsey hasn’t uploaded to the channel for over two years, many of the old videos feature her singing while playing the guitar, and she’s very talented. One video, in which she performs Hillsong UNITED’s ‘Oceans’, has over 1.7 million views at the time of writing, and the comments section is full of positivity.

“They HAVE TO let her play and sing in the show for real,” Mr_Saint37 commented. “She can already play guitar and can sing. I'm just waiting for season two and Ellie singing ‘Take On Me’,” Bradley Gorton wrote. “I thought she was a perfect casting, but then I saw this and I was like… she's more than perfect, she was born for the Ellie role,” Luigi wrote. “They didn't go wrong to choose her as Ellie. She's awesome,” Draven 81 agreed.

Featured Image Credit: United Hope via YouTube, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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