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Battlefield 2042 is free to play right now

Battlefield 2042 is free to play right now

Battlefield 2042 is free to download and play right now for both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

I’ll hand it to Battlefield 2042. It’s really turned a corner. Upon release back in 2021, the game was a glitch-ridden, buggy mess. It was a dangerous release period. The kind that could end up with the player base losing faith in the game and the studio entirely.

At one point in time, Battlefield 2042 became one of the worst-rated games in Steam history. Insiders claimed that the game had only had 15 months of development time as devs scrambled to release the first major patch addressing hundreds of bugs. Some players even succeeded in getting full refunds due to the poor state of the game, while others signed a 200,000-strong petition asking for the same. I’m really not selling the game but honestly, players are impressed with the turnaround and seeing as you can play Battlefield 2042 for free right now, there’s no better time to dive into this once-controversial title.

Take a look at some of our favourite Battlefield 2042 wins and fails below.

Battlefield 2042 is available for free for both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscribers. For you PlayStation Plus folk, the game is a part of this month’s essential tier line-up which is available to all subscribers. You can download Battlefield 2042 alongside Code Vein and Minecraft Dungeons for the duration of this month, until 3 April. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you should already have access to the game.

Over on Reddit, long-time Battlefield 2042 fans tried to convince new players that the game is definitely now worth giving a go. User Independent_Context4 said, “I’m enjoying it a lot still. Not the best Battlefield ever, but it’s a fun game you don’t have to take seriously,” while balloon99 added, “The most recent patch has been well received generally and overall, the game has improved enormously from launch.”

If you are here because you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, we should get the full extra and premium tier announcements in the next week. Don’t forget day one release Tchia launches on 16 March.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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