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'Battlefield 2042' Developer Will No Longer Engage With Game's Subreddit

'Battlefield 2042' Developer Will No Longer Engage With Game's Subreddit

The Battlefield 2042 subreddit has gotten too toxic

The Battlefield 2042 development team will no longer engage with the game's community of players over on Reddit, it has emerged.

Battlefield global community manager Adam Freeman announced on Twitter this week (thanks, MP1st) that the toxicity surrounding the game's subreddit has gotten so bad that he will no longer speak with players on the platform. The developer will, however, continue to monitor the subreddit for genuinely useful feedback and constructive criticism.

"I'm not engaged on Reddit anymore - there's no value in pretending its a constructive environment," Freeman explained. "That's not to say I'm not sensitive or understanding to peoples frustrations, but there's a consensus on Reddit that the line of what's acceptable was drawn at death threats. The belief that all other forms of attacks and insults being fair game to me or the team is wild to me."

Freeman added that this doesn't mean DICE will stop listening to the fans. "That's not to say that hub of community isn't listened to or read, it always is and forever will be," he stressed. "There's wisdom in crowds (even if the crowd itself is toxic at its core)."

It's no secret that the Battlefield 2042 has become a growing concern. Fans have grown so frustrated with the state of the futuristic military shooter that a lot of genuine and valid criticism is getting lost as discussions boil over into insults and death threats. This, of course, is not acceptable.

Things got so bad last month that the subreddit's mods told users they'd have to shut it down if things didn't calm down soon.

"It’s an understatement when we say that this subreddit has grown incredibly toxic," they wrote in a statement. "It’s near impossible to have a simple discussion without insults being flung around at each other - and it’s really starting to harm the entire Battlefield community, and each of us that are part of it."

Going off of Freeman's recent comments, it's clear things haven't gotten any better.

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