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Batman: Arkham Shadow reveals epic story trailer, unveiling game's villain

Batman: Arkham Shadow reveals epic story trailer, unveiling game's villain

A new villain has emerged from the shadows

The Arkham universe is returning to us this autumn.

It almost doesn't feel real, especially after the turbulent tale Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League weaved. But finally, it seems we're returning to the old ways.

Batman is back in all his brooding glory in Batman: Arkham Shadow.

Not only do we have a new Batman tale to immerse ourselves in, we've also been given the first glimpse of a new villain emerging from the shadows. The Rat King.

What's most intriguing about this new action packed adventure is that it'll only be available on Quest 3. Although VR is sure to give this tale an additional level of depth, it's one that could make or break it.

Although the name isn't familiar, it seems this new enemy has heavily been inspired by the comic character Ratcatcher.

In the comics, Otis Flannegan took on this persona as his natural affinity with rodents emerged.

Regardless of whether he's behind bars or not, the Ratcatcher proved to cause no end of mayhem with this rodent companions in tow; we suspect The Rat King will do similar.

Even if the character deviates from what the comic book fandom knows, The Rat King already seems to be a formidable foe. Batman has faced many such enemies and prevailed, but will he this time?

We're on the edge of our seats, desperate to learn more details about this new instalment. It feels and looks very much like the classic Arkham titles we adore so much.

But the proof is very much in the pudding, and we have a wait on our hands until that pudding is served. As of the time of writing this, no specific date has been given, only that Fall 2024 is when Batman takes to the night once more to save Gotham.

Featured Image Credit: Oculus Studios

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