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Batman: Arkham Knight is getting a free update, 8 years after release

Batman: Arkham Knight is getting a free update, 8 years after release

Our favourite bat is getting a fresh new look

Some games leave a lasting mark on players, be it because they were shockingly awful, like Gollum, or because they excel where other titles falter. Today is a day where we celebrate the majesty of a great game: Batman: Arkham Knight. And what better way to do that than to let you know that the game is getting a free update eight years after its release!

If that doesn’t tell you how brilliant a game it is, I’m not sure what will.

It's time to dive back into the dark world of The Batman Arkham Trilogy!

The 2015 DC-inspired action-adventure has impressed fans continuously since its launch, with it easily heralded as a legendary game that “still holds up” despite its age. It’s a game worth coming back to, and from 15 December onwards, you have more of a reason to because The Batman suit that Robert Pattinson wears in the 2022 film will be available to players. Okay, not the exact suit, but a digital rendition of it.

Before you fire up your Xbox X or PS5, it’s actually Nintendo Switch players who get first dibs on this one, with the suit available in the Batman: Arkham Trilogy first. Not that other players have to wait much longer before they can wear the suit, but it’s a small detail worth noting.

Once the suit is in-game, it’ll be the 24th alternate outfit you can wear, which is pretty darn cool. Then again, is anyone really surprised that Batman, aka playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne, has a variety of outfits for every occasion? It would be such a faux pas if he didn’t.

We’re particularly pleased to see Rocksteady still giving this iconic game its dues when the devs have newer titles to work on, like the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Said to deliver a map twice as big as what we saw in Arkham Knight, we’re eager to see if this game can live up to expectations. So far, the response from fans has been mixed, with gameplay footage described as a “disaster”. However, the game doesn’t launch until 30 January 2024, so there’s still plenty of time for the final product to change.

Make sure to get into character and don your best Batman suit in time for 15 Dec – the Bats will be waiting.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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