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Batman: Arkham Knight hailed as legendary game that still holds up

Batman: Arkham Knight hailed as legendary game that still holds up

It's still one of the best

The Batman Arkham series is often hailed as one of the best attempts at a comic book franchise in video games. It certainly felt like the benchmark before Marvel's Spider-Man came along.

It's not a surprise that Arkham Knight popped up in conversation over on Reddit recently, with a post from u/Finn_Flame saying simply, "Crazy how Arkham Knight still holds up right to this day. Legendary game." They're not wrong. The gritty, brooding style combined with brilliant action can put some more modern games to shame.

You can play the whole Arkham trilogy in one neat package.

The Reddit thread sparked off plenty of replies in support, but also of fans yearning for more Batman. Many users agree that it's a great game but are quick to note the performance issues on release, "The issues on release really ruined it for a lot of people I think but it was a great game." The same user looked back fondly at the Mr Freeze DLC which they claim was one of their "favourite gaming experiences of all time."

To be fair, the game is only eight years old, so we would hope it would age well, but with the large jumps in graphics and game mechanics, it certainly holds its own. Plenty of fans are pining for Rocksteady, developers of the original trilogy, to return to Arkham once Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has released. Given that the developer sees huge success with their DC titles, the world is their oyster.

One Redditor is desperate to see their favourite iteration of Batman come to gaming and wishes that Rocksteady would "create a Batman: Beyond game," because they want to see "a more noir take on Batman in the Beyond suit." Replying to this dream is u/Nawt_ saying "With Cyberpunk and Blade Runner dystopian futures trending, it's such a missed opportunity not to tap into the Batman Beyond franchise."

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