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Assassin's Creed meets Lord Of The Rings in massive new open-world RPG

Assassin's Creed meets Lord Of The Rings in massive new open-world RPG

Assassin's Creed meets Lord Of The Rings in massive new open-world RPG

Described as a “new generation MMORPG”, The Quinfall is an upcoming open-world release which sees Assassin’s Creed meet The Lord of the Rings in a medieval setting.

With the stealth aspects of Assassin’s Creed and the fantastical element of The Lord of the Rings, The Quinfall is set to revolutionise the MMORPG genre when it releases in January 2024. Developed by Vawraek Technology, the time-travelling adventure will see you explore a vast world teeming with island skirmishes, castle sieges and ship battles. Additionally, completionists are in for a treat as The Quinfall will reportedly feature the largest MMORPG map of all time with an area of 2016km2 to cover, spanning across five unique regions.

Once you have designed your character in the extensive character creation menu, you will be able to tackle the story however you see fit with the choice of dozens of different professions. The Quinfall features a weapon-based class system that allows players to specialise in one of two classes for their chosen weapon type. For example, sword and shield users can become a tank-like Guardian or an agile Swordmaster whereas bow users can become a pet-owning Hunter or become a sniper-like Critical Archer.

For those wanting to get stuck into the action, The Quinfall offers both a PvP and PvE experience which feature non-target combat dynamics. The PvP options will run alongside the main story which will “explore the impact of the monstrous god Pelyonas, the dragonborn gods Greis and Kreas, and many more gods on the universe”, according to the official Steam synopsis.

“Uncover the backstories of dozens of main characters with deep-rooted stories, or observe the fractured daily lives of others in the realm,” it continues. “Learn the secret behind the cursed crown that changed Quinfall's fate. Bring peace and tranquility to a universe plunged into civil war, or become part of the growing chaos. Become part of this unique adventure as you play through a constantly updating story. Remember that the choices you make can change the fate of the Quinfall universe.”

Featured Image Credit: Vawraek Technology

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