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'Apex Legends' Streamer Blows Up At Wife Mid-Broadcast

'Apex Legends' Streamer Blows Up At Wife Mid-Broadcast

The Twitch streamer lashed out at his wife after they got eliminated in a duo stack, criticising and shaming her for a personal habit.

People in the Apex Legends community have been left outraged after one Twitch streamer was caught viciously berating his wife mid-stream. 

As reported by Dexerto, officialgLockoma lashed out at his wife after they got eliminated in an Apex Legends duo stack, blaming her for the loss. He not only criticises her skill in the game, but then goes on to publicly shame her for a stress-related habit. 

“Seriously, any other person in any video game when they figure out that they’ve got an ability that could change the tide of a game, and you [are like] ‘oh I forget about using it’. It’s really confusing,” he said in a now deleted clip. “You screw us over in a fight every time, because you keep throwing down traps and building stuff and I don’t ask you to throw them down. […] But most importantly, at times where I know I’m trying to be quiet - there you go, back at your picking again - you just start throwing traps. I’m gonna leave if you’re gonna do that. Okay?”

He then elaborated on the ‘picking’: “Everyone, I want you all to know that my wife, she picks at her knuckles, so much that she cuts them. And she’s doing it because she’s stressed.”

Users on Reddit have been reacting to the footage and sharing their concerns: “What kind of f**king moron openly announces ‘hey guys my wife hurts herself because she's stressed’, and tries to belittle and make fun of her for it. Yeah obviously she does[,] you're a complete asshole. I can't imagine getting this upset at your wife over a f**king video game,” wrote IAmPhlegmatic. “That’s really sad to hear him belittle her over a video game to the point where she’s harming herself. This guy needs to reevaluate his priorities,” said Erikthered24ny.

At the time of writing, it appears that the streamer has deleted all videos and clips from his Twitch channel.

Featured Image Credit: MrsgLockoma via Twitch/, Twitch

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