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Adin Ross asks viewer to 'slit brother's throat' for money

Adin Ross asks viewer to 'slit brother's throat' for money

Adin Ross is under fire for encouraging his viewers to perform harmful tasks on stream for money.

Controversial streamer Adin Ross is under fire from viewers after he asked one of his fans to slit his brother’s throat on stream.

Ross was recently banned from Twitch and made the move to rival streaming site Kick, where he streamed a number of pornographic clips for around 50 seconds before he seemingly realised that there were underage viewers watching (despite Kick not permitting users under 18 on the site in the first place). This was just weeks after he called on Twitch to ban hot tub streams for “promoting poison” and “feeding [people’s] addiction to jerking off”.

As Dexerto reports, Ross is now facing backlash for requesting his viewers to perform various harmful tasks on stream for money. In one clip, which has now been deleted from YouTube, a fan revealed that his brother is a fan of Twitch streamer Hasan. Ross responds: “He’s a Hasan fan? “Bro, if you slit his throat, I think I’ll give you $20K.”

While the streamer immediately clarified that he was “kidding”, this wasn’t the only request he gave out - according to Dexerto, the same fan was encouraged to throw urine on his brother’s face (although the fan was kicked after allegedly urinating into a cup to do so). Meanwhile, a different viewer was seen smashing their sibling’s bedroom wall with a baseball bat and seemingly fighting on stream while Ross laughed.

Understandably, many are condemning the streamer’s behaviour: “How do people find him funny in any way[?]” questioned @cirouk_. “And then his fans wonder why he got banned. He’s genuinely a horrible person,” tweeted @UtdAlen. “Disgusting,” wrote @DevilChrisX.

Despite all this, Ross hasn’t been banned from Kick, even though the community guidelines state that the site prohibits material or activities which “encourage or promote harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal conduct”, or “cause or promote emotional distress”.

Featured Image Credit: Adin Ross via YouTube

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