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Adin Ross gives heated response after he's permanently banned from Twitch

Adin Ross gives heated response after he's permanently banned from Twitch

He accused Twitch of trying to silence him earlier this month.

Twitch has called time on Adin Ross and the streamer is none too happy about it, citing the colour of his hair, his lack of makeup and refusal to wear acrylic nails sets as part of the reason he's been singled out.

Might I remind you that this was his eighth ban from Twitch, with the others being repeated infractions of community guidelines, copyright law and the terms of service. It seems that Ross has as many supporters as detractors over his four year tenure on Twitch and he recently skewered hot tub streamers. "It's promoting poison," he said, continuing to say that viewers tuning into streams of people in swimsuits is "feeding their addiction to jerking off" in the same way that gambling streams can affect those vulnerable to impulses.

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Ross is also close with Andrew Tate, saying that the former professional kickboxer approached him with "open arms" and changed his outlook on masculinity and being a role model. In December 2022, Ross said he would be stepping away from the "female-oriented" content that he ascribed to his initial success on Twitch. Then, he said that Twitch had attempted to silence him with a one week ban at the start of this month for his controversial opinions.

"I got a call," he said. "I’m not going to say specifically who it was, you know who you are. And you basically said if you keep doing controversial stuff and you keep saying certain things, we’re going to have to take you down indefinitely. So, I got a threat."

Apparently, this was water off a duck's back for Ross as he announced he would be transferring over to Kick due to its more lenient terms of service, however, it now seems that the streamer wants the final word. "I already signed my deal to this sh*t. It doesn’t matter. I’ve already locked myself in on Kick," said Ross while live on the platform yesterday.

"I’m not even going to bash Twitch completely, but the one thing I will say is this: If I had blue hair and did my makeup, would you have banned me, Twitch?" he posed. "It's a serious question... if I had blue hair and did my makeup and fingernails, would you have permanently banned me, bro?" I guess we'll never know.

Featured Image Credit: Adin Ross via Kick

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