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Streamer Reportedly Targeted By Stalker Who Blackmailed Her For Sexual Demands

Streamer Reportedly Targeted By Stalker Who Blackmailed Her For Sexual Demands

Twitch streamer Wolfabelle claimed in an emotional stream that she's been dealing with terrifying threats from a stalker.

Twitch streamer Wolfabelle, who has over 280K followers at the time of writing, took to Twitch on Saturday (10 September) to reveal in an emotional stream that she has reportedly been dealing with doxxing threats from a stalker (thanks, Dexerto). 

“For the past week or so […] I’ve been dealing with a stalker that has been constantly threatening to leak a bunch of my information, my private life, and basically […] dox me unless I complied with their sexual demands,” she said. "So I’ve been dealing with that, which is obviously very scary and stressful."

“Obviously I’m never gonna comply to that s**t in a million years, but they know my address and they sent me a picture of my flat, and that’s obviously a big privacy threat,” she continued. “Luckily I’ve got some amazing friends that took me in for now […], so I’ll be here for a while.”

She claimed that she's been in touch with the police, and thanked everyone who’s been helping her out, including her fellow streamer friends. Yesterday, she also extended her thanks on Twitter, in an update on the situation.

“Since telling everyone about my situation, the amount of love I have received is insane. So many friends, chatters, steamers and everyone have been so supportive and even taken me into their home,” she wrote. “I slept for 12 hours yesterday and it feels so good to feel safe. Thank you all.”

Featured Image Credit: David East via Unsplash, Wolfabelle via Twitch

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