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Popular Twitch Streamer's Home Vandalised By Stalker

Popular Twitch Streamer's Home Vandalised By Stalker

The individual reportedly sprayed graffiti on the streamer's door, writing her name surrounded in love hearts.

A female Twitch streamer has had her home vandalised by a stalker, leaving her concerned for her safety. Mira, who has over 350K followers, has reportedly been dealing with this individual for years, but the problem has now escalated to the point that they are showing up at her doorstep. 

As reported by Dexerto, Mira addressed the incident on a stream, which has since been deleted: “We’ve got a problem. It’s a recurring problem. He is back, and this time, he’s not just back. He violated my personal belongings,” she said. “I couldn’t hear very well, but I heard it and I was like ‘well somebody is at the door, but my delivery [for food] is for tomorrow’, so I was like ‘what the f**k is that?’”

The streamer explained that the individual had used a can of spray paint on her front door, which has apparently filled her home with fumes. She showed her viewers the damage - the perpetrator reportedly wrote her name, surrounded with love hearts: “My whole apartment stinks of chemicals. I popped the windows, but he’s poisoning me in my own f**king apartment,” she added.

Mira is understandably shaken by the incident: “You piece of sh*t, leave me alone. I don’t need your love. You are actually violating my physical and mental space,” she said. “I tried to be polite about it. When he approached me at events I’d be like ‘no, no, thank you, no.’ No is the bottom line. […] Then I tried ignoring him because reasoning doesn’t work. But you’re going to come here and try and gas me out of my place? […] You, motherf**ker, are going to jail and you’re going to rot there if you don’t stop.”

She claimed that she has CCTV footage of the stalker to prove their identity, and has forwarded information about them onto security, but no action has been taken to prevent them from finding and visiting her. The streamer is reportedly so concerned for her safety that she’s considering buying a gun in case things escalate further. 

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, mira via Twitch.

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