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Stalker Pleads Guilty Following Harassment Campaign Against Streamer

Stalker Pleads Guilty Following Harassment Campaign Against Streamer

The victim, Twitch streamer nalipls, was subject to threatening messages, and had her face photoshopped onto pornographic images.

Content warning: The following article contains descriptions of harassment which some readers may find upsetting.

It’s been confirmed by the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California that an Orange County man, who’s been harassing Twitch streamer nalipls since 2020, has pleaded guilty to stalking, during what has been described as “a long-running harassment campaign”.

Evan Baltierra, 29, of Trabuco Canyon, began harassing the streamer (known for her World of Warcraft content) in June 2020, when he created “hundreds” of different social media accounts in order to send her threatening messages. In January 2021, one of these messages, sent via Twitter, read (in part): “[t]imes [sic] ticking…waiting for the right opportunity.” He also made multiple accounts to harass her during her livestreams, which eventually forced her to stop streaming in February 2021. 

Baltierra had hired someone to photoshop nalipls’ face onto pornographic images, which he posted onto a number of forums and porn sites from November 2020 to March 2022. He also sent the pictures to her family and friends, and posted links to them across social media, encouraging others to search for her name to see her naked pictures.

In January last year, a temporary restraining order was served against Baltierra, but he retaliated by posting the streamer’s real name and city (which had been written on the protective order) to social media during her livestreams. He continued to post the fake pornographic images to porn sites, and also began posting her Twitter username along with them.

More recently, from January to March 2022, Baltierra sent the victim more threats, with one warning her to “get a casket ready”. In March, he sent the streamer a box of condoms, and wrote a letter to her boyfriend’s parents which stated that “the situation was going to end badly for her”.

It’s been confirmed that the FBI investigated the matter, and that a sentencing hearing has been scheduled for 20 October.

Featured Image Credit: nalipls via Twitch, Twitch

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