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Twitch streamer tearfully apologises for viewing explicit deepfakes of female streamers

Twitch streamer tearfully apologises for viewing explicit deepfakes of female streamers

Atrioc has apologised for viewing the deepfakes, and has claimed that it's not a "pattern of behaviour" and there's "no excuse".

Twitch streamer Atrioc, who has over 300K followers on the streaming platform at the time of writing, has publicly apologised for viewing explicit deepfakes of other streamers.

As Dexerto reports, a clip which briefly showed Atrioc’s browser tabs began circulating online yesterday (30 January), in which a deepfake website can be seen. Reportedly, the website sells explicit deepfake videos and images of popular female Twitch streamers such as Maya Higa and Pokimane.

Responding to the situation, Atrioc appeared on stream to apologise, where he said that “this whole category of stuff is wrong,” and that “there is no excuse for it.”

“I’ve been reading so much f**king AI stuff, reading all this f**king stuff about AI, and f**king deepfake music, deepfake art and everything, and I’m in these f**king Discords,” he said. “And - this is so embarrassing of me - but I was on f**king PornHub dude, I was on a f**king regular ass normal f**king website, and there was an ad, there’s an ad on every f**king video for this f**king… so other people must be clicking it because it’s on every f**king video, for f**king deepfake thing.

“And then I click it and I’m f**king in this f**king rabbit hole, and at 2AM, I f**king… I dunno, I got morbidly curious and I clicked something,” he continued. “It’s gross. It’s gross and I’m sorry, I really am, I really f**king am. […] It’s so embarrassing, so embarrassing. I just really wanna get across it’s not like a f**king pattern of behaviour.”

In an attempt to prove that he’d only visited the site once, he claimed that he could show his receipt to evidence that he’d accessed it on the same day that the viral clip of his browser tabs was made.

The exposure of the deepfake site’s existence has understandably disturbed many. Twitch streamer Sweet Anita tweeted: “This story was how I found out that I'm on this website. I literally choose to pass up millions by not going into sex work and some random cheeto encrusted porn addict solicits my body without my consent instead. Don't know whether to cry, break stuff or laugh at this point.”

Featured Image Credit: Atrioc via Twitch

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