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AI has become obsessed with generating massive anime boobs

AI has become obsessed with generating massive anime boobs

TikTok users are tricking an AI manga filter into giving them massive boobs, for reasons unknown.

AI art has been a hot topic in recent days for a number of reasons. It was revealed that High On Life used AI to generate some of its environments, a fact that unsurprisingly proved to be controversial. If your Twitter feed is anything like mine, I'd imagine you’ve also noticed a bunch of people paying to generate various AI images of themselves.

Today though, I bring you an entirely new AI art related problem. Seemingly, AI art generators cannot stop creating anime boobs. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to type that sentence but alas, here we are. It’s nothing new. There’s no shortage of anime characters designed simply for people to jack off to. The only difference is now, we don’t need humans to design said characters. AI art has got that handled.

Take a look at High On Life in action below.

As reported by Polygon, it’s an exploit that’s been discovered by TikTokers. If you use the AI manga filter to generate a portrait of yourself, you can easily trick the filter into giving you large anime tits, if you so wish. Users say that all you need to do is hold a bowl, cup, or pillow in front of your chest and the AI generator will do the rest of the work. You can even use rolls of toilet paper, a fist .. you name it. Just stick something in front of yourself. This filter is begging for the excuse to boobify you, which I’ve decided is now a word.

The audio associated with the trend has reportedly been used over 8.3 million times - so there’s no shortage of people trying out this .. hack? You can view a few examples below, if you really want to (ya filthy animals).

We’re no strangers to stumbling across NSFW content here in the gaming world that we wished we’d never laid our eyes on. Does everyone remember the incredibly cursed Tifa statue? I’ll leave you with that thought.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix, Warner Bros. Pictures

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