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Starfield's New Atlantis finally has a map, thank the lord

Starfield's New Atlantis finally has a map, thank the lord

We're no longer Lost in Space

Starfield is an amazing game, but it's no secret it's got a fair few problems that need fixing. Thankfully, modders are on hand to give us what we need.

Finally, players can stop getting lost in New Atlantis. All thanks to a wonderful modder, Wojtek Antonowicz, Starfield's number one destination is no longer a nightmare to navigate.

Since its release, Starfield has caught the ire of players for its limited exploration help. The lack of a ground level map is perhaps the biggest bug-bear as players wandered around looking for places to sell thousands or weapons and sandwiches. There are signposts dotted around, but they don't compare to a map that shows a specific shop.

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Local maps were the left out of the space saga for some reason. Perhaps we simply won't need them in the future and we'll roam from building to building in the hope of finding a coffee shop. Leaving out maps was an odd choice given that Bethesda had implemented them in previous games such as Skyrim and Oblivion.

Thanks to modders though, our aching feet, and addled brains are saved. Antonowicz has created a large map which points out all the interesting spots for intrepid explorers, including districts, shops, elevators and locations.

It wasn't long before another modder, JustOkayGamer, stepped in to place the map on kiosks around New Atlantis. Between the two of these modders, they've acted faster than any British council ever could.

Once installed the maps don't appear in your inventory or via a quick menu option, they appear physically within the world. They're a bit like the 'you are here' maps found in shopping centres and cities. This is in keeping with Starfield's aesthetic and the role-playing aspect of the game.

Bethesda are planning to add their own maps. Though for now, we'll have to leave it to the modders. Given that the game features modding on PC, and soon on XBOX, the modding community will carry on adapting the game and keep us from getting lost.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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