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Starfield update somehow made the game worse

Starfield update somehow made the game worse

The recent Starfield update has not made the game better, in fact, it's somehow worse.

Even the most well-developed and successful video games will need post-launch updates to fix unforeseen issues, and Starfield is no exception.

For better or worse, Bethesda titles are known for bugs, especially when it comes to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Over a decade since its release, Skyrim no doubt still has its oddities and while game-breaking bugs are not excused, some of the minor bugs can have a certain charm. What's more, despite not being perfect, since its launch in September this year, Starfield has garnered praise from fans and reviewers alike.

Check out the Starfield trailer below!

In our review of Stafield, we said: “The journey you embark on will dazzle you, and I have no doubt that players will be gripped for months, perhaps even years to come. Here is a playground where you can be whoever you want to be. I simply cannot stop thinking about Starfield and the wondrous secrets it still holds.”

Prior to its launch, fans expected Starfield to have bugs, and even Bethesda stated that it intends the sci-fi RPG to be its least buggy game. Was Starfield perfect at launch, it wasn't, but no game really is, yet at the very least it’s fun to explore its galaxy and many planets.

Unfortunately, as reported by DSOGaming, a recent update for Starfield on PC is causing a lot of problems for gamers and somehow, it has made the game worse. That kind of defies the point of releasing an update for a game.

The PC update adds support for DLSS 3 Frame Generation with added CPU and GPU optimisations. Sadly, since this update went live, some gamers are reporting that the in-game HUD is glitching when piloting a ship with the game ghosting/stuttering to an off-putting level.

DSOGaming adds that this issue is happening even when playing on a native resolution and believes that it is not due to the DLSS 3 or AMD FSR 2. However, the website states that this issue has only occurred since the most recent update. Thankfully, Bethesda has said that this update is in its beta phase, so hopefully, a fix is just around the corner.

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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