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Starfield fans furious over $7 DLC mission

Starfield fans furious over $7 DLC mission

It's horse armour all over again

Starfield fans are angry. Yes, again. Bethesda recently announced and released the latest update for the game, introducing the Creation Kit and the Creation Store, the latter a place to find hand-picked mods.

Unfortunately, the developer and publisher decided to charge real-world money for a large selection of the mods, including one solitary mission that’s being counted as DLC.

Shattered Space is Starfield's first DLC expansion coming later this year

It’s the horse armour all over again. If you weren’t around for the horse armour debacle, Bethesda released armour, for your horse, in 2006 for the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was purely cosmetic and the fans were furious.

18 years later and it seems a similar situation has surfaced after the release of the Creation Kit for Starfield.

As part of the Creation Store and the new questline based on being a bounty hunter, Bethesda has placed one of the missions behind a $7 price tag and the fans are angry.

“Well this is a great way to make sure people won't play your already mundane game” says one Redditor in a long list of users who had something to say.

User u/MrDeadshot82 gave a somewhat backhanded insult with the following, “

I hope they learn from all the mistakes they made with this game while making The Elder Scrolls 6.”

Another Redditor got right to the bones of the subject saying, “If someone really believes Bethesda would do a No Man's Sky type of comeback with Starfield, they are for a rude awakening.”

It seems the community isn’t against the idea of paid mods as community creators deserve some form of compensation for their work, but most believe that paying Bethesda more money for a one-off mission is "laughable".

Especially when it costs $10 for 1000 credits and the mission only costs 700 credits, so you’re being charged for more than you need. Let’s see how Bethesda reacts to this one.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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