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Starfield is getting another massive update to keep you coming back

Starfield is getting another massive update to keep you coming back

Starfield fans have another massive update to look forward to

It’s time for some Starfield Speculation as players over on Reddit believe there’s some big news coming for the space exploration RPG from Bethesda.

What this news is seems to be guesswork, however much of the evidence presented is compelling and certainly points to a big DLC announcement coming soon, maybe at the Microsoft event at Summer Games Fest.

Starfield could be getting a huge DLC announcement very soon, expanding the game even more

Some poking around is being done by u/JarusinTheStars on Reddit who has been investigating the behind-the-scenes updates of Steamdb, a website that tracks all the tiny details on Steam’s library.

According to them, Starfield has received up to ten changes per day in recent months pointing to a big update in the pipeline. Between March and May the game received over 100 updates, and this month it’s reached over that amount already.

Games are always being updated, but usually a lot less than this unless there’s a big patch or some DLC on the way.

The Redditor believes that “on the day of the Xbox Showcase (June 9), they'll be presenting the Shattered Space expansion as well as the June update”

There is also talk that the Starfield creator’s kit could also see daylight, giving modders a lot more power to create add-ons for the game.

This could mean that June will be a huge month for fans of Starfield. A new expansion along with a massive update could solve many issues the community has put forward over the past few months.

Bethesda is doing its best to try to improve the RPG which, at times, felt very lacklustre after launch. So far, we’ve had several big patches to improve settings and features, but this will be on another level.

A big DLC release should overhaul lots of areas in the game while also bringing us new missions to play through and take us through the universe.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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