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This 'Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Is Ridiculously Good

This 'Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Is Ridiculously Good

One dedicated fan has completely rebuilt Ocarina of Time's Zora's Domain in Unreal Engine 5, and it's breathtaking.

The iconic 1998 Nintendo 64 title, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, is to this day widely considered to be one of the best games of all time, and no, that’s not just my Nintendo bias talking. A quick peek at Metacritic’s top game releases by user score shows the title sitting pretty at the very top of the list, with a near-perfect score of 99.

With that in mind, it’s little wonder that so many people are constantly trying to refresh and revamp Ocarina of Time to become something a little more visually pleasing. The N64 graphics are super dated at this point, and although the 3DS remake did add some nice quality of life changes, it didn’t do a great deal to elevate the graphics. Luckily, you can always rely on the fans to work their magic. 

Take a look at this brilliant recreation of Ocarina of Time in Minecraft.

As reported by DSOGaming, one talented content creator, RwanLink, has been pouring thousands of hours into remaking the beloved game in Unreal Engine 5, and the results are incredible. Their most recent video showcases Zora’s Domain - there’s almost 20 minutes of gorgeous cinematic shots, and some gameplay, too (which they’ve explained isn’t optimised yet due to them running out of time). 

“I have personally worked on this video for 1200 hours over the past four and a half months. (18 weeks),” RwanLink wrote in the video description. “My deadline was to finish it before July because I'm moving and I didn’t want to be in the middle of a project. I hope you’ll enjoy the tremendous amount of work that went into making this video in such a short time.”

It’s safe to say that plenty of fans definitely are enjoying it, as they’ve shown in the YouTube comments: “You just managed to make an area that was already good even better! Huge respect to you, man! You [definitely] deserve it,” wrote Team Blue Toad. “Made my day easily. I love the care and detail that went into this to make it feel like a real, living place. Thank you for bringing my [favourite] place in Zelda to its full, breathtaking potential,” commented blake chero.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a project that you can download and play yourself, but it’s the stuff of dreams - please take note, Nintendo.

Featured Image Credit: RwanLink via YouTube, Nintendo

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