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Xbox Series X/S Update Finally Sorts Your Storage For You

Xbox Series X/S Update Finally Sorts Your Storage For You

This latest Xbox Series X/S update is certain to help you sort your files more effectively.

Another day brings us yet another Xbox Series X/S update. Earlier this week, it was revealed that some Xbox Series X owners can save a huge chunk of money just by changing one simple setting - so do check if that’s you. In the latest system update, Xbox rolled out a new noise suppression feature and one user has now discovered that you can also get your console to sort your storage for you. That’s a nice little bonus.

Take a look at some gameplay from the upcoming Xbox-exclusive Starfield below.

Twitter user IdleSloth84 took to the platform to share exactly how the feature works. Essentially, users can either "let Xbox decide" where to store save data or they can set their own default options.

The tweet read, “New feature. Allows you to specify a different default install location for games, backwards compatible games, and apps. Setting a default install location to ‘Let Xbox Decide’ will cause your Xbox to try to install that content type to the best available drive that has enough space.”

Xbox owners took to ResetEra to share their delight. Senator Toadstool wrote, “This rules! I always hate it telling me to clear space when it could install to my external drive,” while ghostcrew added, “Finally! It’s needed this for ages.” Happy days.

Featured Image Credit: Kamil S, Billy Freeman via Unsplash

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