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Ubisoft Classics Could Join EA Play On Xbox Game Pass In 2021

Ubisoft Classics Could Join EA Play On Xbox Game Pass In 2021

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Mike Diver

Mike Diver

Pure Xbox is reporting that the library of the Ubisoft+ service could soon be joining the Xbox Game Pass ranks, following in the digital footsteps of EA Play, which was added to Game Pass Ultimate in September 2020.

The site is basing this on a few things. First, a Windows Central editor has tweeted that there's a "strong chance" of this rumour proving to be true - but that it'll likely be a "vault or smaller slice of games". Which is to say, should Ubisoft+ rollout onto Game Pass (Ultimate, presumably), you can expect to play older Assassin's Creed games, but not Valhalla (which ranked highly in our Games of the Year list).

Secondly, an Xbox fan blog called Xbox Worlds has been stirring the pot by spreading word that Ubisoft+ will be coming to Game Pass, including it in a list of ten rumours for 2021. It writes:

"Uplay is going to be coming to Xbox Game Pass subscription, just like EA Play did, for Holiday 2021."

Which is to say that if there is any truth to this - and NGL, we would not be surprised, given the success of Game Pass and the ease with which EA Play has been integrated into the service - gamers might not see the likes of Rayman, the cast of South Park and whatever Tom Clancy put his name to a few years back appear until late 2021.

Rayman Legends /

In my opinion, it'd be a fantastic addition - for all the criticism that Ubisoft has received for certain game releases (y'know, the ones that came out wonky) and its workplace conditions in 2020, the company has some damn fine games to its name. A lot of the classics hold up excellently today.

All of that said, the same list of rumours adds that Xbox will buy SEGA in 2021 - and that feels like a horse that's been fully flogged, already. So how much of it is based on actual industry chatter and how much on just guffing a whole claud of brain farts at a wall and seeing what clings, disgustingly, to it, remains to be seen. Then again... what if they do buy SEGA?

In related news, we caught up with the head honcho of all things Game Pass, Aaron Greenberg, a few weeks ago. Sadly, he didn't mention anything about either Ubisoft or SEGA, but did have some fascinating insights on other matters...

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