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Fallout 4 player finds hidden room we weren't supposed to see

Fallout 4 player finds hidden room we weren't supposed to see

There are still secrets lurking throughout the Commonwealth

Despite it being almost 10-years since Fallout 4 was first released, players are still stumbling across some hidden features to this day.

It has been almost a decade since we first entered The Commonwealth alongside our trusted companion, Dogmeat and you would think in that time that we have discovered all there was to find.

Not sure which Fallout game to start with? We have you covered!

However, there is nobody quite as observant as a video game player and one over on r/f04 has stumbled across a whole room which is only accessible with a jetpack.

“What other hidden places like this exist?” They wrote. “It's right above the entrance to Diamond City and only accessible via jetpack”.

The post is accompanied by a photo of the hidden room which some people in the comments were not aware of. However, they are aware of many other hidden locations dotted across the Fallout 4 map.

One said: “Office at the top of the interior of mass fusion. A real goody lies in the safe there. Got there without a jetpack.”

Another offered some overall advice for new and old players alike. They said: “All across Boston and the rest of the Commonwealth, there are hidden little rooms like these. On the tops of buildings, behind them, wherever they might be. Some are accessible without a jetpack, but some do require it…

Just start climbing buildings, fire escapes, and other things that maybe you wouldn’t climb on a regular play through. You will find a lot of cool stuff.”

With Fallout back in the limelight courtesy of the hit Amazon Prime show with the same name, it is no wonder that many players are returning to the games that inspired it.

This may just mean there will be a lot more secrets uncovered in upcoming months.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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