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Xbox Series X and S can run PS2 games at 4K 60fps

Xbox Series X and S can run PS2 games at 4K 60fps

By the power of Grayskull...

Through an emulator, it is now possible to play old PlayStation 2 games at 4K native resolution and at 60 frames per second... on the Xbox Series X and S.

Modern Vintage Gamer, the wunderkind behind this discovery, showed titles like the original God of War, Silent Hill 2, Ratchet & Clank, OutRun 2006 and more running beautifully on the new hardware. It's enough wibbly wobbly timey wimey magic to make your brain leak out of your ears. Obviously, we've now got to mention that emulation is still a murky legal situation and the only way to use ROMs within the lines is through owning the game that you have the ROM for. Sharing ROMs is not allowed and will be met with legal action - one only needs to remind themselves of what happened to the owner of RomUniverse when Nintendo realised the website was a repository for its titles.

Check out this exquisite retro gaming collection below!

Moving on, it's the XBSX2 emulator that is upscaling these treasured retro games to a glorious new resolution and allowing new audiences to be entertained by their gameplay and stories. That might sound like an unequivocally good thing, however, for the reasons referred to earlier, we won't be telling you how to wrangle the XBSX2 onto your Xbox Series S or X. Modern Vintage Gamer asserts that the emulator is one of the most straightforward that they have used and the performance is majorly improved compared to the Retroarch emulator. Additionally, they advise maintaining the upscaling at 2K native resolution on the Xbox Series S in order to ensure that the frame rate of almost all PlayStation 2 games is at 60 frames per second.

Featured Image Credit: Modern Vintage Gamer via YouTube, Disney

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