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Xbox says PlayStation is too big to fail without Call Of Duty

Xbox says PlayStation is too big to fail without Call Of Duty

Xbox have responded to PlayStation's claim that CoD players will abandon PlayStation consoles, calling the notion "unsupported".

That’s right. Xbox and PlayStation are still arguing over the future of Call of Duty which doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, Call of Duty is one of the biggest video game franchises there is. Still, we’ve been treading the same ground for quite some time. When Microsoft first unveiled their plans to acquire Activision, they assured fans that CoD would not become an Xbox exclusive for “several years,” later adding that this decision “wouldn’t be profitable” anyway.

PlayStation have since countered that argument suggesting that even if CoD is to remain available on PlayStation consoles, customers would potentially be lured to Xbox by bonus content. Now, the microphone has been passed back over to Xbox. Sigh.

Excited for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II? Take a look at some gameplay below.

To provide some context, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision is currently undergoing inspection by various regulatory bodies around the world. These bodies ensure that the deal doesn’t monopolise the gaming industry and in recent days, it’s been the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) turn to take a look.

Xbox have responded to PlayStation’s claims that CoD players would abandon their consoles by calling them “unsupported”. Speaking to GamesIndustry.Biz, Microsoft said, “The suggestion that the incumbent market leader, with clear and enduring market power, could be foreclosed by the third largest provider as a result of losing access to one title is not credible.”

Microsoft argued that if PlayStation lost every single CoD player, they’d still have a bigger gamer base than Xbox. "While Sony may not welcome increased competition, it has the ability to adapt and compete. Gamers will ultimately benefit from this increased competition and choice,” they added. The regulation process remains ongoing, although Microsoft’s CEO is confident the acquisition will go through.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Activision

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