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Xbox Loophole Means You Can Still Get Game Pass For £1 For Three Years

Xbox Loophole Means You Can Still Get Game Pass For £1 For Three Years

If you've got an Xbox Live Gold membership, you could also get three years of Game Pass for just £1.

There are plenty of gaming related topics we could debate but there’s one opinion that unites us all. Everyone loves a bargain, whether that be a good deal, a freebie, or a money-saving hack. It was recently revealed that Xbox Series X owners could save a ton of money by changing the console’s standby settings. On top of this, it’s now been discovered that you can also grab three years of Game Pass for just £1.

Speaking of Game Pass, subscribers will soon be able to get their hands on the acclaimed Deathloop. Check out the trailer below.

The downside to this hack is that it’s only available to those who have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. Of course, if you don’t, you can grab that first and then return to this tutorial to learn how to access Xbox Game Pass on the cheap.

As reported by The Loadout, you’ll need to pre-pay for your Xbox Live Gold membership as far into the future as you’re able to - which should be three years maximum. Once you’ve pre-paid for three years, pay £1 / $1 for your first month of Xbox Game Pass. The Loadout then explained that you should cancel the Game Pass subscription before one month has passed.

By this point, your Gold subscription should’ve been updated to a Game Pass membership meaning that despite cancelling the Game Pass subscription, you should retain access for the three pre-paid years at a cost of just £1. That’s the kind of deal we like. Thanks for pointing this out, The Loadout.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman via Unsplash, Microsoft

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