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Xbox Live Gold subscribers hit out at 'trash' free games

Xbox Live Gold subscribers hit out at 'trash' free games

After yesterday's Games With Gold line-up reveal, Xbox Live Gold subscribers are sick of receiving 'trash' games.

Most of us are signed up to at least one gaming subscription service. After all, who doesn’t love receiving ‘free’ games every month? Well, they feel free. Yes, I know we’re actually paying for them. Every subscription service has an off month but we’ve been treated to some great titles lately.

It was confirmed yesterday this essential tier PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, plus day one release Divine Knockout. Throughout December, Xbox Game Pass users will be able to grab The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Hello Neighbor 2, and High On Life. Xbox Live Gold subscribers aren’t as pleased though. They’re sick of receiving ‘trash’ games.

Speaking of High On Life, check out some gameplay below. The title launches on 13 December.

As reported by ComicBook, the latest Xbox Live Gold line-up was revealed yesterday and fans are less than impressed. This month’s games are 2020’s Colt Canyon, a 2D pixel art shooter, and 2018’s Bladed Fury, a 2D fantasy action game. It’s hardly the most exciting line-up, but subscribers are letting Xbox know just how underwhelmed they are.

Twitter user ux92 wrote, “TBH at this point I'd rather you dropped the Games With Gold programme altogether and put that money into boosting the Game Pass library. No offense to the developers behind these titles, but come on. At least throw a couple AAA or first party games every once in a while,” while darksparksss added, “GWG may as well be phased out at this point and membership be reduced because without 360 games, who is really going to play the two to three Xbox One games of actual note? These are TRASH.” Take a look at some more reactions below.

Fans have suggested lessening the subscription cost and you can’t blame them. November’s line-up included Praetorians - HD Remaster and Dead End Job which isn’t much better.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox, 20th Television

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