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Xbox Announces Feature Fans Have Been Crying Out For

Xbox Announces Feature Fans Have Been Crying Out For

I heard there was a secret Discord

A new update for Xbox users finally introduces the ability to use Discord voice chat on consoles, a feature Discord users and Xbox fanboys around the world will be delighted with.

The new Discord integration will allow Xbox users to "chat with anyone on Discord via voice channels or group calls directly from your console", according to Xbox. The company adds this will make it easier for players to connect across console and PC - another big step on Microsoft's journey towards eliminating the borders between platforms,

"Planning a few rounds of multiplayer action in Halo Infinite with buddies on both console and PC? Exploring new biomes with your friends in Minecraft? See them already playing a game that supports crossplay? Connect to their voice channel and chat as you all play," Xbox explained in its blog post announcing the news.

As is always the case with new Xbox updates, the new Discord feature is currently only available to select users via the Xbox Insider program. It will be available to everyone in the "coming weeks" as Xbox irons out any potential kinks that may arise.

If you're one of the eligible insiders (you lucky dog) you can try it out right now by selecting the 'Parties & Chats' feature on your console. It's pretty self explanatory from there: simply select 'Try Discord Voice On Xbox' and you'll be talked through the rest of the process. Obviously, you'll need a Discord account to get the most out of this. But I'm sure you already knew that, right? Of course you did.

Microsoft has also noted even if you've previously linked your Discord and Xbox accounts, you'll need to re-link to try out the new feature.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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