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Xbox Game Pass Getting New Pricing Plan, According To Rumour

Xbox Game Pass Getting New Pricing Plan, According To Rumour

Someone is stepping up its game now there's new competition on the block.

Competing console PlayStation have only just announced its Xbox Game Pass rival, the all-new PlayStation Plus, and it seems Microsoft is about to step up its game, too.

As it currently stands, Xbox’s subscription service - which offers over 100 games ready to download, stream and play - comes at two price points. For ₤7.99 a month, customers can choose to play Xbox’s library on either console or PC, with the PC version including access to EA Play. The more expensive version is called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and allows for players to use both console and PC services as well as mobile, and includes access to online services through Xbox Gold. Ultimate costs a little more, priced at ₤10.99 a month.

If you’re an Xbox gamer check out our interview about what the company had planned after the release of the Series X/S.

As reported by Windows Central, Xbox is rumoured to be adding a new plan to the service. It is said that Xbox will reveal a new family plan for Xbox Game Pass before the end of the year. This will be the equivalent of family plans offered by other subscription services such as Netflix and Nintendo Switch Online. 

The new plan will allow up to five people in one household to access the same subscription package. Currently each family member wishing to use the service on their individual profiles would have to purchase subscriptions separately. The benefits of the new plan would allow each member to keep track of their own games and earn individual achievements. Those who own multiple consoles can still use the subscription tied to their account currently, on any number of consoles.

The website didn’t clarify if the plan would have separate pricing for console or PC users, or if there will be a separate service for regular and ultimate users. Whatever the case, we are likely to find out more about the proposed family plan soon.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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