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Here's What The New Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan Offers

Here's What The New Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan Offers

Game Pass' new Friends & Family tier has been rolled out in Ireland and Colombia, revealing the price and benefits.

Xbox Game Pass is undoubtably a really great deal. The immense amount of fantastic games available to subscribers is basically unmatched by any other gaming subscription service (sorry, PS Plus), especially given the many huge day-one releases that arrive there.

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The pricing could be about to get even better for some people, too. As reported by Pocket-lint, the new Game Pass Friends & Family tier (which has been circling around the rumour mill for months now) has now been rolled out in Ireland and Colombia, which has revealed both the price and what benefits subscribers are entitled to. And, it looks like if you have even one other person to split this with, it’s very much worth it.

Friends & Family will give everyone included in the shared group (which can include a maximum of five people, counting yourself) the same benefits as Game Pass Ultimate - so everyone can get EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, exclusive member discounts, cloud gaming, and more. What’s more, in Ireland, a month of Friends & Family costs €21.99, as opposed to €12.99 for the Ultimate tier, which means if you have a full group of people to divide the cost between, that’s essentially Ultimate for €4.40 a month. Even with just one other person, the divided cost is still a couple of euros cheaper than the base price. In Colombia, Friends & Family costs 49,900 COP per month, whereas Ultimate costs 29,900 COP.

As Pocket-lint writes, the only restriction is that everyone in a Friends & Family group need to be in the same country. The price for other regions hasn’t been revealed yet, but it seems like this will be the way forward for many gamers.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman, Howard Bouchevereau via Unsplash

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