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Xbox Adds A Massive Backwards Compatibility Update For Series X/S

Xbox Adds A Massive Backwards Compatibility Update For Series X/S

Xbox Series X/S owners will find it much easier to play Xbox One games thanks to this update.

The last couple of weeks have been jam-packed with console news. Sony officially announced the DualSense Edge controller and the Grey Camouflage Collection, plus a new PS5 console is rumoured to be on the way. Over in the land of Xbox, things have been a little less exciting but there have been a couple of sorely needed updates for Xbox Series X/S owners. Background noise is a thing of the past, and you can now organise your storage. If that wasn’t thrilling enough, let me tell you what’s next on the bill: backwards compatibility.

Speaking of Xbox, Deathloop is now on Game Pass. It’s not a game you’re going to want to miss. Check out the trailer below.

This is actually a pretty useful update, particularly if you’ve got a ton of your old Xbox One games lying about. Previously, Xbox Series X/S owners could only play Xbox One games if they had an active internet connection, but that’s no longer the case. Xbox One games are now accessible to play offline.

The change was confirmed by engineering lead Eden Marie on Twitter. She wrote, “Yes, this is true since the 2206 update. We examined data since Series X/S launch & determined the online compatibility check isn't needed in the vast majority of cases for Xbox One discs. Some games may still need to be updated online after install to ensure the best experience.”

As pointed out by Engadget, the 2206 update was released over the summer so this change has unknowingly been in place for quite some time. Enjoy some offline play, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman via Unsplash, Anthony via Pexels

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