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The Witcher 3 new-gen update won't feature cross-platform trophy achievements

The Witcher 3 new-gen update won't feature cross-platform trophy achievements

The Witcher 3 new-gen update will allow for cross-platform save transfers, but your trophies and achievements won't be included.

Who’s excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s new-gen update? That feels like a stupid question. It’s all any of us can talk about. Last week, CD Projekt Red granted us our first look at the updated gameplay and if you haven’t yet seen any, it is oh so beautiful. First announced last year, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S patch has been a long time coming but as they say, good things come to those who wait.

The update will be released on 14 December and is set to include new content based on the Netflix series, visual and performance upgrades, a boosted frame rate and resolution, plus ray tracing. One thing that won’t be included though is cross-platform and cross-generation trophy achievements.

Take a look at the trailer for the new-gen patch below.

Players will be able to transfer saves cross-platform when The Witcher 3’s new-gen update launches, but that won’t apply to trophies and achievements unlocked. As reported by GameByte, trophies and achievements will not transfer between PlayStation and Xbox for example. CD Projekt Red community director Marcin Momot took to Twitter to explain, “Seeing a lot of questions about this one. Achievements are platform-specific, meaning they don’t carry over when transferring your save between platforms. They will have to be unlocked again.”

It’s also an issue between console generations. Momot also confirmed that if you’ve unlocked trophies on your PlayStation 4, they will not be carried over to your PlayStation 5 if you transfer the save across. He added, “In case of PS5 it's going to be a new game, basically (in a sense of product in your library).”

I hope you’re all prepared to platinum this game for the third, fourth, or fifth time. Then again, if I had to platinum any game again, The Witcher 3 would rank very highly on the list.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt RED

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