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What Comes In Each 'Dead Island 2' Edition Revealed By Developer

What Comes In Each 'Dead Island 2' Edition Revealed By Developer

Dead Island 2 has three special editions for you to choose from. Here's what each one includes.

As Titanic’s Rose once said, “It’s been 84 years,” but Dead Island 2 finally has a release date. Well, it hasn’t quite been 84 years but you get the idea. Dead Island 2 was announced all the back in 2014 and two studio changes later, it’s finally destined to be ours on 3 February, 2023. Ahead of the game’s release, it’s finally been revealed exactly what each edition of Dead Island 2 includes.

If you haven’t already, check out the squelchy re-reveal trailer for Dead Island 2 below.

In addition to the standard version of the game, there are three special editions of Dead Island 2 for you to choose from. The most expensive of these is the Dead Island 2 HELL-A Edition which retails for $99.99 / £84.99. This comes with the game, a steelbook case with expansion pass, a Venice Beach travel map, six Slayer tarot cards, two pin badges, one patch, a pulp weapons pack plus a golden weapons pack.

Next up, there’s the Dead Island 2 Digital Deluxe Edition which retails for $74.99 / £64.99 and comes with a ‘Memories of Banoi’ pack, a golden weapons pack, plus character packs one and two. To round us out, we have the Dead Island 2 Gold Edition which will set you back $89.99 / £79.99 and is also digital only. The set includes an expansion pass, the pulp weapons pack, plus everything else included in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

All players who pre-order the game will get an in-game Banoi war club, a ‘Memories of Banoi’ baseball bat, plus a personal space skill card. You can also get a bonus in-game knife from signing up to the official Dead Island 2 newsletter. Choices galore.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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