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Wesley Snipes Wants To Join The Star Wars Universe

Wesley Snipes Wants To Join The Star Wars Universe

In a recent interview, the Blade star revealed he'd love to be part of Star Wars in some way - and maybe via The Mandalorian.

It’s difficult to think of any franchise as massive and sprawling as Star Wars. Between all the movies, shows, games and more, it was once calculated by some Swiss researchers that there are over 20 thousand individual characters across the universe, which is practically unfathomable. Good luck naming all those on a quiz.

That doesn’t mean that number can’t or shouldn’t expand further, though, and we just got a great reason as to why. Speaking to ComicBook, Blade star Wesley Snipes revealed that as a long-time fan, he’d love to be part of the series.

Take a look at Snipes in action in the trailer for Blade below.

“Well, it would've been cool to be a part of the Star Wars universe,” he said. “Clearly I’m a fan from the ‘70s. I remember going in the theatre, having no idea what my friend was taking me to see, and mad at him for bringing me there initially, because I thought there was some Kung Fu movie that was a much better choice, and then being totally immersed into the world that they created, amazed by how they pulled it off, inspired in terms of, from an actor’s perspective. That would've been fun to be a part of.”

He was then asked about The Mandalorian, and how being part of that could be one way into the universe, especially since one of his old co-stars, Ming-Na Wen, already stars in the series (as Fennec Shand): “Ah, Mandalorian, that'd be fun too,” he said. “She and I, the actress, Ming-Na Wen. We did a wonderful piece that was an award winning piece, a drama, very different from the Marvel films that we’ve done after that. But it was called One Night Stand, it’s wonderful. You have to check it out one of these days, a relationship movie.”

It was previously confirmed that Christopher Lloyd (aka Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy) will be featuring in the third season of The Mandalorian, so maybe at some point in the future, Snipes could, too. With plenty of Star Wars goodness on the horizon, there’s sure to be a place for him in the universe somewhere - make it happen, Disney.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema/Marvel, Disney, Lucasfilm

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