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Pedro Pascal says doing shrooms and watching The Last Of Us will mess you up

Pedro Pascal says doing shrooms and watching The Last Of Us will mess you up

Honestly, you don't have to tell us twice.

The apocalypse in The Last of Us is based on the plausible assumption that the Cordyceps fungus leaps across species to infect humans.

Fungus operates differently to bacterial and viral infections, as you will have learned from the first episode of The Last of Us, and propels the host to find somewhere that is conducive for it to propagate. The show has also changed a couple of things about the fictional infected, like the fact that they are all connected through tendrils and that these tendrils are how the fungus gets into the body, and most importantly, the brain. Nasty. Nevertheless, Pascal revealed that he doesn't mind mushrooms though that person with the fungus growing out of their eye was nearly enough for me to have second thoughts.

Here's the trailer for the seventh episode of The Last of Us, building on Ellie's background before she meets Marlene and the Fireflies:

Last week, Pascal told Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers that mushrooms still don't sicken him though the special effects and prosthetics artists did an astonishing job with transforming actors into the infected. "I love mushrooms. All kinds. The kinds in restaurants. The kinds that used to come in a little ziplock bag in the '90s. And now the kinds that are in these colorful chocolates," he joked.

Meyers then said that taking magic mushrooms and watching The Last of Us would be an experience that you wouldn't forget. "That I would not do," admitted the actor. "That might put you off it for good. So don't do that."

The next episode, 'Left Behind,' will depart from the current timeline in the show to tell the story of Ellie and Riley's relationship and how the two became involved with the rebel Fireflies. Of course, that leaves us in suspense over the fate of Joel after he falls from the horse- that very real horse.

Featured Image Credit: HBO, Daria Durand/Alexander Grey via Unsplash

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