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Warzone 2 hackers have started crashing entire lobbies just to be dicks

Warzone 2 hackers have started crashing entire lobbies just to be dicks

Very mature.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players have discovered a way to crash the lobbies and punt everyone out, including themselves, for the purpose of peeving their opponents off. There's "bored," and then there's this.

Honestly, it sounds like the work of an oldest sibling and before you start rolling up your sleeves and saying being an oldest sibling is hard, actually, simmer down. I'm an oldest sibling. We know when others of our kind have had their noses to the grindstone to find the most disruptive method for irritating those going about their days.

Warzone 2.0, in spite of its promises that it would be an enormous evolution on its predecessor, has struggled to find footing with the players. The Gulag alterations were well-intentioned, however, competitors found that the odds were far too often stacked against them and so the original Gulag setup is on its way back. Earlier this month, third-person mode was removed with nary a notification from Infinity Ward or Activision, irking the community, and DMZ has hit every branch on the absurd tree on the way to the second season.

Here's where Rust - as in, the Rust - is hiding in Al Mazrah:

While players wait for 15 February for Season 2, they're amusing themselves with the ability to crash lobbies and infuriate every single dad working on an oil rig who's been waiting all week to fit in one or two matches of the battle royale. Take a look:

This is thanks to cheats, which the game's Ricochet software has been weeding out since the launch of Warzone 2.0, so the trick isn't going to last long once Activision catches wind of it. Oh, and to be clear, booting everyone out of the game doesn't award the user a victory. It's purely to annoy the other players. Odd, certainly, but it likely speaks to the state of Warzone 2.0 that its community finds fun in this.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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