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Fallout's surprise video game return absolutely roasted by fans

Fallout's surprise video game return absolutely roasted by fans

It was an odd move

Fallout has been a hot property of late given the popularity of the Amazon Prime TV show. Due to this resurgence, Bethesda has partnered with other games to promote the franchise further.

We’ve seen the large Fallout crossover with Fortnite for the battle royale’s latest season which was received well, but the crossover with Call of Duty has fans roasting the collab.

Fallout continues to expand with Fallout 76 introducing a new playable race in the ghouls.

In the recent collaboration between the two, Call of Duty introduced new skins for their popular operators designed after the Fallout vault suit and reskinning weapons in the familiar blue and yellow.

Over on Reddit, fans are having a field day and taking aim at the shooter for completely missing the mark.

One user has remarked, “It's the laziest collab I've seen. Just slap on a vault suit and reskin a gun? Really? So many iconic militaristic factions in Fallout, yet they go with the laziest implementation.”

It was certainly an odd choice given that the history of Fallout is filled with different factions but it seems they went with the blue and yellow because it’s so familiar to fans.

“I feel like it would've been a little better just to have a juggernaut suit be power armour,” said another Redditor - who has a point. Fortnite has focused on the more outlandish ideas from Fallout which suits the game. Why didn’t Call of Duty stick to what was already there?

Getting right to the guts of the issue was this reply saying, “Captain price + vault suit = money. Production time: Jerry in an eight-hour shift. He finished early.”

Crossovers definitely have a place in the industry, particularly within the free-to-play space but, as this Reddit user says, “It feels tone-deaf in both directions.”

You can experience Fallout in both Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone currently.

Featured Image Credit: Activision, Bethesda

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