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'Until Dawn' Developer's New Game Has A Ridiculous Number Of Endings

'Until Dawn' Developer's New Game Has A Ridiculous Number Of Endings

It's going to require some serious dedication if you want to every ending to The Quarry.

Supermassive Games excel in releasing intense interactive horror titles. Between Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series, there are countless hours' worth of choice-driven horror tales to lose yourself in, each with several different endings.

If you’ve ever played such a title, you’ll know all too well that feeling of asking yourself: could I have saved this character? Could I have avoided this? Before you know it, you’re sucked into playing the game again. Until Dawn contains hundreds of choices but it really whittles down to just a handful of key endings (each with slightly varying details). Supermassive Games’ forthcoming release, The Quarry, sets to knock that number out of the park though.

Take a look at the official announcement trailer for The Quarry below, ahead of the game's release.

Chatting to IGN, director of The Quarry, Will Byles, elaborated on the game’s variables and revealed that it would in fact have 186 unique endings. Part of me is excited by that prospect. The other part is desperately hoping you don’t need to unlock all 186 to get that Platinum trophy.

Byles explained: “We write it like a movie screenplay... actors are used to a 100-page script [on a feature film]. The script for this is over 1,000 pages. [The actors] can get very alarmed.” He went on: “We have to shoot 50 pages a day, which is unheard of. It's a mad amount of footage."

Speaking on the variety of endings, Byles said: “We worked out 186 different endings for those characters, not just alive or dead... the stories that they have on the way through are massively varied. Branches really are a mathematical nightmare. It's just exponential."

It sounds exhausting. I remember panicking over learning a one-page speech for my high school French test, so quite what a 1,000-page script would do to me, I dread to think. The Quarry is set to release on 10 June 2022 so before we know it, we’ll all be comparing which of the 186 endings we got… assuming you’re brave enough to stick it out to the end.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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