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New Unreal Engine 5 RPG one of the best-looking games we've ever seen

New Unreal Engine 5 RPG one of the best-looking games we've ever seen

Chrono Odyssey is a new Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG - and it's the best-looking game we've seen in a long time.

As we near the midway point of the year, the industry’s gaming offerings are really heating up. Already, we’ve had excellent releases like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, Resident Evil 4, and Dredge.

We’re just days away though from Nintendo’s major 2023 release The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - and fans are hyped. Did you know that a PC port will be available on day one too? PlayStation are also drumming up hype for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 after dropping a free prequel comic this past weekend. Xbox is struggling following the abysmal launch of Redfall but hey, we still have Starfield to pin our hopes on. These are three major titles that we absolutely cannot wait for, but this Unreal Engine 5 RPG may just be the best-looking game out of the whole bunch. May I introduce: Chrono Odyssey.

Take a look at Chrono Odyssey in action below.

Created by South Korean studio NPixel, Chrono Odyssey is slated to release on PC and consoles. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a concrete release date. The MMO is set in the world of Setera, where players must utilise an artefact known as the Chronotector to alter time. Why, I hear ye ask? Because Setera has been plagued by The Void. In its warping of time, The Void has let a large number of dangerous enemies into Setera - and it’s up to you to help restore peace to these lands.

Chrono Odyssey’s gameplay looks incredibly impressive. This is truly what you think of when you hear the words “next-gen experience”. Over on Reddit, prospective players are absolutely thrilled with what they’re seeing from the project. User ethicssss said, “This is the MMO I’m currently most excited for. I feel this one might be the next big thing in MMO land.”

Originally, Chrono Odyssey was also going to launch on mobile but that plan appears to have been dropped. That bodes well as hopefully, the PC and console version will push the full capabilities of those platforms. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Featured Image Credit: NPixel

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