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A Classic Ubisoft Game Is Free To Download And Play Right Now

A Classic Ubisoft Game Is Free To Download And Play Right Now

ANNOther one

When it comes to giving away regular free games and extended trials, few video game companies are as on the ball as Ubisoft.

Over the last few years the publisher has given away classic Assassin's Creed games, underrated Rayman platformers, and offered free weekends for newer games like Far Cry 6.

Now, Ubisoft is once again allowing players to dive into a classic release completely free - but only for a limited time.

Between now and April 18, PC gamers can sink their teeth into the city building real-time strategy game Anno 1800. Released back in 2019, it's an in-depth sim set during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century that combines city management, naval combat, and plenty more besides. Well worth a look if you're into that sort of thing, but you may find it hard to stop once the trial period comes to an end.

"Welcome to the 19th century. A century of industrialisation, diplomatic disputes and discoveries. Choose a path that will define the world" reads the game's official description. "Are you an innovator or an exploiter? A conqueror or a liberator? How the world remembers your name is up to you."

You can start downloading the game now via the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect. Oh, and all progress you make will be carried over if you do decide to purchase the full game after April 18.

So what are you waiting for? Would you rather spend Easter weekend in the sun with friends and family stuffing your face with BBQ food and chocolate, or would you prefer to hide away and become the master of a virtual Industrial Revolution? The choice is yours.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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