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Twitch just banned its most popular streamer

Twitch just banned its most popular streamer

Twitch has just banned its most popular streamer, Kai Cenat, prompting rumours that he may switch over to Kick.

As of Monday 17 April, Twitch has banned its most popular streamer - and it’s the second time it’s happened this year - prompting rumours that the content creator may soon be heading over to rival service Kick.

If you’re clued in on your Twitch streamers, you’ll know that the resident king of the platform is none other than Kai Cenat. The streamer started off the year by passing out mid stream after taking too many edibles but after that slight embarrassment, he went on to set an impressive Twitch record. Cenat managed to break Ludwig’s subscriber record with an all-time active sub high of 306,621. Just yesterday though, Cenat was banned from Twitch and he’s yet to return to the platform.

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As reported by GameRant, Kai Cenat has been banned from the platform. The issue is, we don’t actually know why. Twitch has yet to provide a reason which seems to suggest that it's likely a temporary suspension and nothing permanent. GameRant added that three out of four of the streamer’s previous bans lasted no longer than three days. The most severe suspension lasted for 30 days though so don’t get too excited about seeing the streamer back up and running in the coming days.

This is a classic case of ‘only time will tell’. Cenat isn’t providing much insight himself. He took to Twitter to simply write, “BANNED”, which doesn’t give us much to go on. It has prompted speculation that the streamer may soon switch over to Kick - Twitch’s latest rival.

Several months ago, Cenat claimed he was “done” with Twitch but resumed streaming and eventually went on to break the subscriber record. With this latest unexplained ban though, perhaps he’ll be done once and for all.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, Axville via Unsplash

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