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The Witcher to end with season 5, Netflix confirms

The Witcher to end with season 5, Netflix confirms

The end is nigh for The Witcher

It’s been one hell of a bumpy ride, with many highs and lows, and so it seems fitting that The Witcher series will soon come to an end.

Right after it has two more seasons, that is.

For many fans of Netflix’s The Witcher, it died when Henry Cavill left and Liam Hemsworth took over. We may keep getting teases about Geralt’s new look, or a first glimpse of Hemsworth as Geralt, but generally the fandom’s atmosphere is frosty.

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News that the TV show will end with season five, while a relief for some, is still hard to hear – when the show first aired, it was to much praise. There was the odd niggling issue, but overall viewers were happy.

How sad, then, to see a once beloved series fall apart as it attempts to bring the “epic show” to its “fitting conclusion”. As one fan put it, “I don't know anyone that wants this show without Henry Cavill.”

Yet some are arguing that the show was declining before Cavill left, “Fans aren’t going to come back. The viewership from last season wasn’t good even with Henry there,” said Twitter user MasteroftheTDS.

As you scroll through the comments, there are even doubts that the show will make it to season five, given how disgruntled the show’s fandom is.

Despite this dismay, though, we suspect people will tune in to see how bad (or good) Hemsworth really is.

“I actually think Hemsworth can pull it off,” admitted a fan, much to everyone’s surprise. “But I have no confidence in the writers not to deliver more of the same. They took a mega hit and drove it off a cliff.”

The end is never easy. Yet, with The Witcher fandom behaving how it is, it seems the end of Netflix’s show is welcomed. We guess no one will be tossing coins to their Witcher come season four airing...

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